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Re: Gordon Ramsey's "Sharpening" Tips

Sat Aug 04, 2012 10:54 pm

LABOR <> If you're serious, not rhetorical, in asking "why wouldn't I?"

Well, it depends on perspective...

If you're judging him as an entertainer, absolutely judge him based upon his on-air persona. It's pertinent.

If you're judging him as a Chef or judging him as a man, I would say his on-air persona matters in the least. His job behind a camera is one thing & one thing only... TO SELL ADVERTISING. His on air persona is developed to draw viewers, viewers that are then shoved Tide, Kraft, Walmart, DOW, (whatever other corporation you fill in the blank with) down their wide open willing and wanting throats - agape for the load of whatever corporate America is wanting you to swallow. TV is not for you, TV is for corporate America. TV is their medium to fill their pockets, and I refuse it... for over 20 years. I don't watch sports, I play them. I don't watch the news, I read foreign papers if I want the truth. Big Brother is much more pervasive then in 1984, and anyone who has that wool over their eyes is just willingly deaf, dumb & blind or simply ignorant. I reckon the former though I pray it is the latter.

TAZ <> Couldn't agree more. IT'S TV FOR G-D's SAKE. He knows his shiite, and knows it very well. The crazy loud shiite... it's what sells tickets.

I never met him. I did dine one table across from him @Spoon, one of Alaine Ducasse's restaurants. He was with a hottie, and there was a house photog who repeatedly lingered knowingly... menacingly.. wanting that shot of the Gordon Ramsey. The dude was just rude. Kept on passing by our tables interrupting our meals; very much unlike the treatment of everyone else. It was just too obvious. If Mr. Ramsey was truly a prick... damn, I think it woulda came out of him that night. I wanted to tell the photog to dip, myself, but a date with the Gendarmerie Nationale on my client's dime wasn't too high on my agenda...

Re: Gordon Ramsey's "Sharpening" Tips

Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:38 pm

i would question the character of anybody who gets on television and behaves the way he does entertainment or not. the invention of television is no excuse. theres plenty of informative quality programming.

Re: Gordon Ramsey's "Sharpening" Tips

Mon Aug 06, 2012 2:54 am

try watching the f word, that show shows his "better side". might change your mind.

also "gordon behind bars"

show him giving back

Re: Gordon Ramsey's "Sharpening" Tips

Mon Aug 06, 2012 7:11 am

@ melampus.... don't even get me started on the 1984 thing.

If you want to watch Kitchen Nightmares I believe Hulu keeps a good log of them.

Ramsay came down to Louisiana and had a field day with a couple of restaurants. I agree, he is a great big douche bag... a big bag of doucheness... BUT, some of these restaurants he walks into.. you have to scratch your head and think "How in the eff did these people open a restaurant in the first place!!?"

People that have no business in the service industry get some money from inheritance or maybe they have good credit and the shiester banksters sell them a predatory loan or whatever, then they are stuck with a place and no clue how to run it. Amazing. If I were granted the opportunity to run a place with no experience I would at least know where to look for help. Some people are so damn lucky and have no clue... but isn't that all of us sometimes? ;)
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