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Re: Goko vs Richmond Laser AS

Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:56 am


I'm a new customer with a 210 Artifex AEB-L Gyuto and an EdgePro basic Shapton GS package. I've been slowly working my way up the sharpening/J-Knife learning curve. These forums are an invaluable resource for learning and making intelligent purchasing decisions. There is no substitute, however, for seeing a product in action, by way of an informative video.

I'm a professional photographer and videographer/producer. You and Shaun do a nice job of conveying information in your videos. Shaun, in particular, has hit on a really great formula for showing the pertinent features and performance of knives. I have come to trust his opinion and his keeping the same basic format for reviewing knives in his more recent videos, allows your customers to really compare knife models to one another.

Keep up the great work and keep sending products to Shaun for review!

P.S. did you really do the post above at 3:19 AM? That's pretty hard core!



Re: Goko vs Richmond Laser AS

Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:35 am

hahah. Yes I had a little insomnia last night so I came on and posted. :)

I'm really glad you like the reviews. We're planning on doing a lot more of them.

Re: Goko vs Richmond Laser AS

Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:36 am

franzb69 wrote:i want me the new laser.

I purchased 2 dozen more of these as well so they'll be available soon. We also have pettys ready to hit the site and 210 gyutos and Nakiris.

Re: Goko vs Richmond Laser AS

Fri Feb 22, 2013 1:09 pm

Thanks for all the kind words guys, I will continue trying to do my best with these videos. Getting to try so many great knives makes it hard to put things in to perspective sometimes, so comparing them to one another might be the best way to show the differences.

The Goko is heavier in both weight and slightly thicker behind the edge than the Laser. It has a bigger handle also. The finish is what I'd call "rustic-refined" (I just made that up) (Think of Kanehiro and Takeda) where it's the kurouchi finish, but it's the hardened clay version that is much more durable, and the overall Fit and finish of the knife is nice, whereas cheaper kurouchi knives have a rougher fit and finish. The steel sharpens faster than the Richmond Laser and polishes a little easier.

The Richmond Laser is lighter in weight and thinner behind the edge, although spine thickness of both are very close. It has a smaller handle that is more polished. The fit and finish is refined, everything is polished. Both knives are stainless clad. The Aogami Super in this knife takes a little longer to sharpen, but not enough to warrant choosing a blade over it.

Basically, they both perform great, awesome cutters, with the edge going to the Richmond. The Goko is a more substantial knife, and is a totally different look and feel.

Goko is a light-heavyweight that cuts like a middle weight, and the Laser is a light-middle weight that cuts like a light-weight. (if that makes any sense) :D
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