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Giving a Chef knife as a gift. What to get?

Mon May 14, 2012 11:59 am

Hi - I'm interested in ordering a chef's knife as a gift. A few considerations I've been thinking about after reading through a bunch of sites yesterday:

Is it worth getting a honyaki? Are honyaki's made in a double bevel or only single bevel (i think i'd prefer to get a double bevel).
How hard is it to care for these very traditional japanese knives - white/blue steel seems like they're fairly temperamental?

I think I've limited my search down to something like:

Takeda 240mm gyuto
Masamoto 240mm honyaki gyuto (if i can get double bevel)... but some concern about care of blade
Shigefusa - do you have access to any of their knives? Again - I think I'm looking for a 240mm honyaki with a double bevel

Maybe a gyuto with a damascus blade made of a powder material like Cowry-X, ZDP-189 or R-2? My first choice would have been a Hattori KD 240mm gyuto but that seems like it'd be impossible to find?

Thanks so much for your help,


Re: Giving a Chef knife as a gift. What to get?

Mon May 14, 2012 12:00 pm

Hello H,

Tell me about the recipient.

Are they right handed?
Do they know how to sharpen?
Are they familiar with carbon steel knives?
Do you think this knife will be used on a daily basis?
When did you want to give this knife as a gift?

I just started a forum for the store. Do you mind if I post your question? I'll remove your name if you like. It will help others that read it.

Kind Regards

Mark Richmond

Re: Giving a Chef knife as a gift. What to get?

Mon May 14, 2012 12:01 pm

Thanks mark - forum is fine. Ill actually probably end up using the knife just as much myself.

To that end,

Right handed

No - but can learn. Also close to stoddards, which I think is oldest cutlery store in the country. They carry kikuichi so my guess is they're sharpening service will be helpful. Also don't cook that much so it's not going to get that much use.

Little familiarity with stainless/carbon steel. So while I'm attracted to the ease of care of a vg-10 type steel, I like the look of the honyaki blades, and the incremental sharpness of the high carbon or powder metal blades (cowry x or r2 or zpd189). But maybe the ease of care really is that much more important and getting a blue #2 blade is too much effort to deal with.

I'd say it will be used once a week.

No rush on time.

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