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Re: Gifts for Japanese suppliers

Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:14 pm

Well frankly I liked the cheeshead hat! What says Wisconsin more than a cheesehead hat!

Re: Gifts for Japanese suppliers

Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:09 pm

Hi Mark,

A suggestion for your trip to Japan and the knifemaking companies with a connection between Wisconsin and Japan. Frank Lloyd Wright is a well known architect with roots in Wisconsin with a home base at Taliesen in Spring Green less than 1 hour from Madison. He also spent time in Scottsdale Arizona. You may want to contact the Spring Green location and their Gift Store if any of the below is appealing. I am not sure where the on-line store is based.

Here is the contact information:


Frank Loyd Wright designed the following buildings in Japan:

Imperial Hotel

Arinobu Fukuhara

Jiyu Gakuen Girls School
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiyu_Gakue ... %99_School

Yodoko Guest House

Aisaku Hayashi House

Frank Lloyd Wright has an on-line store that may give you some additional ideas that might be appropriate to emphasize the continuing importance of the business relationship at the link below. There are a variety of categories below. Usually the item has a description about the design and location – so something in Japan – from Frank Lloyd Wright might be a way to express the connection.


In searching, the below items were related to Frank Loyd Wright’s design for the Imperial Hotel in Japan.

Imperial Hotel Eyeglass Case
Imperial Hotel Card Case
Imperial Cuff Links
Imperial Hotel Rollerball
Imperial Hotel Stencil

This might be too large - a Wall Clock – a little more modern – not with a Japan theme – but they will think of CKTG each time they look at the clock and maybe Frank Lloyd Wright.

Good luck on the trip and safe travels – look forward to hearing about the trip.

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