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Re: Gift knife for my wife.

Fri Mar 28, 2014 1:01 pm

Jim, I'd stick with all stainless on this first knife. Getting your wife even a stainless clad over a reactive carbon steel core might bite you in the butt pretty bad ;-). Using a thinner knife that needs a bit more care is one thing - but you don't want to give her an entirely new job ITK - caring for carbon. Developing good habits to help keep the new knife in good shape may be enough of a change in itself - if she doesn't already have these habits.

The Konosuke HD2 is a great knife, but it's so thin - IMO it might not be the best first Japanese knife for someone. I'd go for something a little more robust.

The Suisin Gyuto that Rayong mentioned is a nice knife as well. The Takayuki Western Grand Chef I mentioned is made from nicer steel, but it's more expensive. I just got a sample of this knife in the bundle of knives for the next set of Quick Look Videos. It's really nice and probably my favorite of all those I mentioned. The Masamoto VG would be right up there as well, but again OOS for now.

Re: Gift knife for my wife.

Fri Mar 28, 2014 1:30 pm

I'll admit I'm biased as I own one of these kikuichi TKC. This is my first J Knife and I'm absolutely impressed with it. It takes an edge really well and holds it for a long time. I'm just a home cook also but I would say I have decent skills, especially after getting this knife and watching the videos. I really love the videos BTW. My prep time was literally cut in half. Pun intended. :lol:

You should be able to go a few months between sharpening easily. The steel in this knife is nothing like a German knife. I have some very good German knives that although are good and I can get them sharp, they just don't hold a candle to The TKC. It really is a night and day difference in feel and cutting ability. I was blown away when I started to use mine. It still amazes me when I use it. I'm going to do a review once I have the time and when I get a few more months of use out of it. I've only had it about 4 months and I only sharpened it twice, and only because I wanted to not because it really needed it.

Coming from a 8" German Chef knife, the 240 TKC felt long to me and kinda awkward but the more I use it the more I like the additional length. I would recommend the 210 for your wife.

It comes highly recommended by the experts here and I can see why. You can slice, dice, rock chop or whatever and it will handle it just fine. It won't be a stretch going from a German blade to this knife.

I think whatever you get her she will be blown away with the difference. If you do get the TKC I know she will be thrilled.

That's my 2 cents.

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