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Getting some decent sharpening stones.

Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:07 pm

Hey Mark,

Thinking about getting some decent sharpening stones. Right now, I have a King Ice Bear 1000/6000 combo and a Spyderco ceramic bench stone, medium.

I have a few Japanese gyutos for the kitchen, ex; Artifex AEB-L, Hiromoto AS, Sakai Yusuke White #2.

I also have a nice assortment of fixed camping, hunting and folding knives with various blade steels: S30V, M390, 154CM, M4, CTS-XHP, O1, 5160, etc.

I need to re-profile bevels, do edge/tip repairs, quick touch ups... I'm pretty good sharpening free hand... but have little knowledge re stone selection.

Here are my initial thoughts:

Shapton glass 500
Bester 2K
MAC black ceramic honing rod

What do you say?

Tks, Bob

Re: Getting some decent sharpening stones.

Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:16 pm

Hi Bob,

I'm assuming you want to keep using the King combo and then add the other stones to those?

If that's the case try the Latte 400 in place of the Shapton 500. I just got this stone and I like it a lot:

The Shapton is good too but it wears out kind of quickly.
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