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Re: Friday question

Sat Mar 22, 2014 9:59 pm

coachnj wrote:So here's a question for no one in particular on a Friday night...

When does sharpening become a hobby instead of a job? When does it become an obsession? When does getting a knife sharp replace making an edge usable?

Melampus wrote:COACH <> I'm a painfully pragmatic type of person. I sharpen for purpose & purpose only... to make my tools work as they were designed to.

I'll quote Melampus because I 'resonate' with his answer. I'm very pragmatic as well.

To answer your question...it's when you realize that your knife is expensive enough or meaningful enough to you....to warrant against removing metal unnecessarily. That's why I recommend very light edge-leading touch up's on your stone, just to refresh. I'm definitely not a fan of grinding the knife away till you find a burr on each side...then grinding more to get rid of the burr, etc. I'm adverse to 'grinding' away.

If that's the case, the core will disappear faster that one anticipates, and suddenly your thinning.
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