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Re: Free Giveaway: Moritaka Petty

Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:15 pm

This New Years eve I brought my water stones to the party and sharpened all of the host's Japanese kitchen knives, then played Cards Against Humanity until 2am :D

One of the best New Years parties ever!

Re: Free Giveaway: Moritaka Petty

Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:43 pm

The lamest you say, good golly.

I started off drunk because I had a couple of shots to make sure I had a good time. I was the host at that point, though the party with about 2 dozen people quickly slipped out of my hands. 4 couples were having sexual intercourse in 4 different rooms - which royally pissed me off because I had my girlfriend with me and I really wanted to get it on with her (mutual feelings I assure you); No room was vacant though. SO I faintly recall drunkly stumbling into one of those rooms, wearing a cape for some reason, making some drastic comment about host rights....then realizing what I was doing ... so I slammed the door shut. I have tried avoiding that couple ever since ...

Re: Free Giveaway: Moritaka Petty

Sat Jan 04, 2014 5:05 pm

A few years ago - just sleeping between 8PM and 10PM - was probably the best thing I could have done, when comparing to what had happened to others according to what they looked like the next days.

Re: Free Giveaway: Moritaka Petty

Sat Jan 04, 2014 7:18 pm

Lame: so drunk walking home from a bar by myself had to pee in an alley...was 10 below zero...painful on many levels

Re: Free Giveaway: Moritaka Petty

Sat Jan 04, 2014 9:23 pm

Blew off my Y2K concerns, sat on the other side of table and had a great meal at Spaule in Little Rock then watched the fireworks atop the DoubleTree and partied like it was 1999!

Re: Free Giveaway: Moritaka Petty

Sun Jan 05, 2014 12:16 am

almost midnight, riding my bicycle home from work, knew i wouldnt make it, stopped at a buddhist pagoda, listened to the roar

Re: Free Giveaway: Moritaka Petty

Sun Jan 05, 2014 12:36 am

hung out with friends, in bed by 21:00

Re: Free Giveaway: Moritaka Petty

Sun Jan 05, 2014 3:24 am

The lamest thing was NYE 2013: working a double shift at my restaurant and having another double shift on New Year's Day.

But probably the best thing was that the NYE shift was awesome. 120 guests eating 5 courses, lots of action and lots of pleasurable knifework with my precious Hiromoto Guyto. The whole kitchen worked extremely focused and had fun at the same time. I really learned and enjoyed a lot!

Didn't even feel like partying afterwards, wich helped me to wake up the next day.

Re: Free Giveaway: Moritaka Petty

Sun Jan 05, 2014 5:29 am

I was working 3 years ago and had to work the line and we had a killer dinner service. I got out with a very short window to make the 45 minute drive to the capital. I hurried down, parked and began running to meet my girlfriend at the parliament lawn, I made it just as the fireworks began and was able to snag a New Years kiss.

Re: Free Giveaway: Moritaka Petty

Sun Jan 05, 2014 10:13 am

Black-eyed peas.

My family is spread out. Part of being spread out over the country is that when we do get together, we make the most of it. It worked out that I could meet two grandchildren this New Years Eve that I hadn't met before, and to cook for their parents, my son and daughter-in-law. Of course, one plans ahead to cook something, and what I planned ahead to make was black-eyed peas so everyone might enjoy good luck for 2014. But as is often the case, the best laid plans... I forgot a major ingredient thinking when we arrived in Chicago and before getting to their house, I would pick it up at a store on the way. Not knowing the Chicago neighborhood where they live, we postponed that step for later.

We arrived at their house and it was easy to be distracted by the three perfect grandchildren. Delightfully active and talkative girls, 30 months old and four years old, and their four month old brother, smiling and moon faced. Cooking? That moved to the back burner.

Then, the temperature dropped. The family room, a large, sparsely insulated space became chilly, and it was a good time to cook, if only to warm up the house.

The crowder peas were put to soak. Pressure cooker and ingredients put to the ready. Then, I remembered the missing ingredient, pork, and some chicken stock for good measure.

There was a dusting of snow. The store was mere blocks away. We determined to walk. The older girl insisted she go. We enlisted a christmas sled with a long tow rope, put on our galoshes and set off, trudging up the blustery (Chicago is often blustery) sidewalk towing a four year old bundled so only her eyes showed over her muffler and under her hood. We walked to the store, gathered some groceries then returned to the street and settled the girl and groceries on the sled for the return.

Walking through the neighborhood, there was a small dog running loose that joined our parade. It was a very small, shivery dog, collared and fluffy. It followed us back home. The girls were thrilled. Their dad, not so much. They want a dog. Their mom wants a dog. Dad has resisted. Once back at home and hearth, we looked the pooch over, found a number on the collar and called the owner. Long story short, the owner came and picked up Furby, paid a reward that covered the groceries, and the black-eyed peas turned out good enough the kids ate seconds and their parents finished off the pot.

We toasted that night with sparkling hard cider.
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