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We have a massive amount of Edge Pro products so we figured it would be good to have a whole section on how to use the machine and what to use on it.
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For Angle Cube fans

Sat Mar 09, 2013 3:22 pm

iGaging, the maker of the Angle Cube, makes a bunch of other cool stuff that we really don't need. I just picked up the micrometer for $29.99 at Rockler. About 1/12th of the cost of the good stuff from Brown & Sharpe. So fool your friends with a facade of physical metrology...for less.



Re: For Angle Cube fans

Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:03 am

This is great info. You can never have too much stuff that you don't really need. Some of my favorite things fall into this category. I'll be checking the products out to see if they have anything I can't live without and will never use. :D

Speaking of a micrometer, I got a cheap one on ebay a while back and while it is accurate enough for me it only measures inch decimal and mm. Being as old as I am I with you could also switch it to read inch fractions. Now, I have to go to my chart to convert. I can always picture in my head the length of fractions of inches but not no easily mm or decimals. What is sad about this is the fractions are a much harder way to measure. You always have to do math to figure which drill bit is bigger. :) Unless you have them memorized that is.
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