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First time sharpening question

Wed Oct 03, 2012 8:07 am

Hi ... I ordered the masamoto VG gyuto and I need to sharpen it. I am going to do it myself using your online tutorials. However, is this knife a 1 side sharpen only? Any other pointers would be good as well.



Re: First time sharpening question

Wed Oct 03, 2012 8:13 am

Hi Thomas,

The Masamoto has a two sided edge. It's ground more on the right side than the left side and you can see the edge grind if you compare both sides.

I recommend you use a 1K stone only for your first attempt. If you have others you can add them but a 1K should give you a good edge.

Get a sharpie and mark just the edge on one side and then adjust your angle on the stone so that you sharpen to remove the mark. That should give you the proper angle to sharpen the knife for the first time. Grind on the stone until you get a burr which you should be able to feel with your finger (it will scratch against the pads of your finger). Then flip over the knife and repeat.

Once you do this on both sides deburr the edge by running the knife though a cork or a deburring block or a piece of wood. That should give you a sharp knife. Once you get good at this process you can start refining your edge but this quick guide should at least get you on your feet.
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