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Feel of Shapton GS stones relative to other stones

Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:30 pm

Hi Guys,

Was hoping to get a sense of the feel of a Shapton Glass stone to sharpen on relative to other stones, assuming like grit rating.
The references I have in the grit range I am interested in are the Ume 1K, King 1K, Bestor 1.2k, King 1.2k, King 4K, Rika 5K, Bamboo 5K, King 6K. If you've used any of these stones and the Shapton of equivilent grit, I'd appreciate your input.


Re: Feel of Shapton GS stones relative to other stones

Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:52 am

GlassStones = sharpening on a granite black
Ume 1k = sharpening on a bed of roses and love, mixed with some Barry White tunes. :)

Although the above is an obvious attempt at humor....it is true for me. Sharpening on any of the GlassStones was not pleasurable at all. They, as I recall as it's been a while now, had better feel than most of the Shapton Pro stone's.....but none had nearly as good of feed back as the other good stones in the same grit.

The Ume 1k has a really great feeling.

The Bester 1200 does as well, but the Ume wins these days.

There are several King 1k and 4k and 6k stones, so I don't know which one's you're asking about. I have a King Hyper 1k that has great feed back....but it's not available any where that I know of.

The Rika is another great feeling stone.

To compare them directly to the Shaptons, though, is seemingly impossible to do in words.

Re: Feel of Shapton GS stones relative to other stones

Tue Sep 03, 2013 8:00 am

Thanks Adam.

I travel a bit and take stones with me ( my form of Zen ).... Was thinking the thin, light, splash and go Glass stones might be a good fit, but I am not a fan of super hard stones so back to my brick sized wonders :)

Went to Maine few couple weeks ago and got to sharpen / thin about 15 knives. I took a Bamboo 150, Ume 1K, King 1.2k ( the one in the green box from Woodcrafters. Love that stone ), a natural in the 2K range and the King 4K. Made for a great vacation :)
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