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Does this knife exist?

Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:12 pm

I'm on that quest to find a knife that's as close to perfect for my uses (professional kitchen use)as I can find. These are the attributes that I believe my perfect knife will have. However, after quite a few hours of searching I am not sure this blade is available. Your help, comments, and feedback are welcome.

Must Haves
-240mm or 10"
-Octagonal or D handle
-60 HRC or higher
-Hammering or something similar to reduce drag
-Little Belly
-No more than 3mm wide. Preferably less than 2.5mm
-No choil
-Knuckle clearance. I believe 50-53mm at the heel should do the trick.
-Less than $300

I'm sure there are some attributes I am forgetting, but I have to head to work. Will update later. Thank you for your help!

Re: Does this knife exist?

Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:23 pm

Hmm, fujiwara fkm with dimples
Glestain 240

Those are the only two I have used and both worked reasonable well.

Re: Does this knife exist?

Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:51 pm

Of the knives I've tried:

Yoshikane wa-gyuto...as close to $300 as I can get.

The Fujiwara's....not the same as the one's kalaeb is talking about....Maboroshi No Meito's would be the best...but real far out of your price range.

Of the one's I've not:
Tojiro Hammered wa.....this might be your best choice, but I've never used it to recommend it.

Re: Does this knife exist?

Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:16 pm

I would go with this one - http://www.chefknivestogo.com/ko24wa.html

The knuckle clearance is a little less than you want, but I think 48.33mm will do you just fine.
The Hammering doesn't reduce drag really at all, at least it is not noticeable, I have two knives with hammered damascus and neither help out much at all, it is my humble opinion that it is only for looks.
These HH knives are great, and light, but durable. For more than $100 under your budget too.
This is the one!

Re: Does this knife exist?

Fri Jul 20, 2012 1:15 am

@kalaeb: I failed to mention that I am a bit of an aesthetics whore and I absolutely detest grantons. So the knives with those are a no-go. My apologies for missing that.

@watercrawl: I had seen the Yoshikane gyuto before, but according to Epic Edge it's nearly 5mm wide. If that is accurate that is far beyond what I would like. (Though I admit that does seems like a misprint)

@blake: The HH is definitely on my short list. There are many aspects of that blade that I like. However, the knuckle clearance is a real issue for me on that one. My Shun Premier is roughly the same width, and when I need to use the entire blade to cut something my knuckles are smashing into the product.

If anyone is familiar with the Shun Premier line, I'm basically looking for a 10" Premier with a little less belly and about 2-5mm more width. A slightly higher HRC wouldn't hurt either. The taper(might be the wrong term) from the spine to the edge is perfect for a nice edge with little to no wedging. This knife literally glides through onions and anything else I throw at it. It is quite a noticeable difference. It also seems to have a considerable heft for its size; something that I like. I'm not sure if that is VG-10 being heavier than other steels or what, but I have another blade that is CPM-154 that is thicker at the spine, considerably taller, and yet much lighter than the Shun and requires more force even though my Shun is only at a 1k grit edge and the 154 is at a 15k edge. There is a feature here that I am missing, and I am assuming it's the hammering that is causing it, but it's quite possible I'm wrong.

Re: Does this knife exist?

Fri Jul 20, 2012 1:55 am

Richmond Addict, except it doesn't have the dimples on the surface. Does pretty well through food though, has octagonal handle, stainless steel that will hold an edge (CPM 154 @ 61 rockwell) and pretty tall.

Konosuke HH is the other choice, but get the 270mm since they run a bit short. A good, thin blade won't wedge much, and as was said before, the dimples don't do much to help reduce the drag that much.

The feature you are missing is of the grind itself, both of the bevel near the edge as well as the rest of the blade. A properly convexed blade will slice through food with less drag because there is less contact with the blade and the blade is pushing the material away from itself. A full flat grind will wedge more than a convex blade will.

Re: Does this knife exist?

Fri Jul 20, 2012 6:58 am

@Malbidion - No it's not a misprint. It taper fairly quickly though....it makes a really great cut IF you thin behind the edge a bit. I understand where you're coming from though.

Re: Does this knife exist?

Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:26 am

I have Shun Premier Chef as well, I don't think it feels anything like the HH, completely different and I notice that there is a noticeable amount of knuckle room on the HH compared to the Premier. For what its worth, I think its the best option out there for what you want. I notice a lot of guess rave about Mark's knives, some come with the octagonal handles, check into that.

Re: Does this knife exist?

Sun Jul 22, 2012 10:35 pm

I have been kindly informed by one of the forum regulars that what I am referring to as a choil is in actuality a "finger guard". Thanks for that. Learn something new everyday :)

I'm still looking. I do agree that the HH seems like it is pretty close to what I am looking for. There are two things that keep me from pulling the trigger on it, however. The first, as stated before, is my concern about its width and whether I will have knuckle clearance, though Blake's assurances do alleviate that somewhat. The second is that I don't really care for that handle, particularly the color of it. There is one with an ebony handle that I find much more attractive, but it is a good deal more expensive and it is also out of stock. I wish there were more dark-handled wa options.

I realize some of you probably think I am splitting hairs on this, but I use these knives for 8-10 hours a day. I need to actually enjoy using it. And at this price range I think I should be able to enjoy looking at it as well!

I look forward to more responses if anyone has more input. Thanks!

Re: Does this knife exist?

Sun Jul 29, 2012 6:10 am

Togiharu Hammered Damascus.
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