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Do I need a new knife? Who cares I want one!.....

Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:34 pm

So - new knife (not that I need...), but your site makes me think I need...
PS: If you want me to post this question to the forum instead, let me
know - no problem (it's not super urgent with a response). (Or if
easier for you if I call you, I'll do so!)

After playing with some Tojiro's I bought from you earlier, I'm now a
self proclaimed geek and want more;
sharper/better/thinner/nicer/cooler etc;
* Very happy with Tojiro DP Gyuto + Santoku + Paring. Not sharpened,
but keeping honing abt every second day of use with ceramic rod.
* Also got a MAC Superior chefs + a utility; feels lighter/thinner,
but for me performance seems similar - also great

So - where do I go now;
I don't do very advanced cooking (so instead of buying a new knife, I
should probl. take cooking classes) - but; good knifes made me cook
way more than before.
Main use is still mostly prepping meat/vegetables, not likely any
fresh tunas/wild animals will be on my chopping board, nor do I make
Sashimi... though a Yanagi would look so awesome in the collection!
Also - 210mm feels right, 240 might feel long? But probably the right step up...

I do however (for knife geeky reasons) want;
* a sharper blade (possible?)
* does that mean a thinner blade?
* Japanese/octagonal handle - to test it, looks nice

Not sure if I want;
- Yanagi (is it purely for sashimi, I'd say no...)
- Single bevel (no if too tricky for non-pros...)
- carbon (I know the draw-backs... in theory...)

Any recommendations, mainly for getting "sharper" than my Tojiros - my
wild thoughts below;
- Richmond Artifex 240mm
- Richmond Laser 240mm Gyuto (when are they back in stock? And will I
as un-skilled notice the difference to the much cheaper Artifex?)
- Tojiro ITK Kiritsuke Gyuto 240mm (ok finish? way cheaper than the
others mentioned, but hybrid shape & Tojiro didn't disappoint last
- Moritaka KS 250mm (afraid too long, but carbon + "almost" single-bevel)
- Richmond Laser 270mm Sujihiki? (is it single-bevel?)
- Konosuke HH Stainless 270mm Sujihiki

Really happy for any advice you might have :)

Re: Do I need a new knife? Who cares I want one!.....

Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:14 pm

There is a Laser 210mm from Richmond now, too. That may be the ticket for you! If you want "HOLY &^%$ IT'S SHARP!!!", get a carbon Nakiri. Tojiro Shirogami or Tanaka Blue #2. I have a Tanaka Kurouchi Blue #2 and it gets scary sharp with natural stones as a finisher. I haven't brought up the Tojiro to the same level yet ( I haven't sharpened it yet!), but the White #2 should take a bit finer edge. If you want thin and sharp, you will be amazed at these Nakiris! They are carbon, so they will react, but that edge they take is something else!!

Re: Do I need a new knife? Who cares I want one!.....

Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:22 am

@taz575; thanks a lot for tips!

Re: Do I need a new knife? Who cares I want one!.....

Thu Sep 06, 2012 2:33 am

Another one to add to your list. Tanaka Sekiso Damascus. I have a 240mm gyuto and it's really awesome. Nice convex grind, so even though it is thicker than a laser, it still cuts amazingly well and food doesn't stick as much to it. Mine has a nice blue/purple/gold patina all over it, looks pretty cool! Mine goes smoothly through stuff like onions and potatoes that I used to use a Nakiri on because of sticking and wedging issues with some other gyuto's, even a stupidly thin one. The convex helps push foods aside and there is less blade contact as well. Came very sharp OOTB and was sticking into my cutting board the first few times I used it.

Re: Do I need a new knife? Who cares I want one!.....

Thu Sep 06, 2012 7:39 am

M390 Ultimatum!

Re: Do I need a new knife? Who cares I want one!.....

Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:01 pm

Hehe, M390 looks awesome, but outside budget ;/ (again, invest in cooking classes rather than knives...)
But thinking carbon Nakiri to try carbon, and an Artifex 240 to try the length.
+ Edge Pro to maintain/destroy them, all depends... ;)
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