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DMT Mini for Slurry

Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:25 pm

I am going to pick up a DMT mini stone for generating slurry on my naturals and cleaning off swarf and refreshing the surface of my Nubatamas while sharpening. I already have a 140 Atoma for flattening, so I was considering FINE (25micron/600 mesh). Just wondering if anyone has experience using these primarily as slurry stones and whether I'd be better off with COARSE (325 mesh) or EXTRA FINE (1200 mesh). Thanks for the insight! - Josh

Re: DMT Mini for Slurry

Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:12 pm


This plate? I thought it only came in one grit....or am I missing something?

Re: DMT Mini for Slurry

Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:20 pm

Hey Adam, I always try to buy through CKTG first, but Mark only has the Coarse offering on hand now. However, there are Fine and X-Fine options available. Just trying to figure out the best option out of the three. They're cheap and I've heard people like them for generating slurry and cleaning/refreshing the surface. It's an interesting option for generating slurry since the only slurry generated will be from the stone itself, verses stone on stone, etc.

Re: DMT Mini for Slurry

Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:30 pm

If he reads this he'll probably have all of them by the end of the week. :o

I've never used one to create a slurry, so for conversation sake only:

The DMT grit's needs to be multiplied by roughly 2 to 3 to get to an equivalent Japanese grit (JIS). So a 600 grit is something akin to a 1,500 grit stone which is pretty darn fine.

The 325 grit is about 800 grit give or take.

The 1200 grit would be somewhere north of 3,000 grit I reckon.

Just thinking about creating a slurry with a 3,000 grit stone doesn't sound right so I'd have to say go with either the Fine @ 600 grit or the Coarse @ 325 with my preference perhaps being to the Fine. Doesn't take much to create a slurry.

Re: DMT Mini for Slurry

Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:40 pm

Thanks for the thoughts Adam. I was leaning towards the coarse or fine. I think either one will probably fit the bill.

Re: DMT Mini for Slurry

Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:48 am


The small Atoma plates mounted on granite are perfect for slurry generation particularly for naturals. Although the 600 grit in 2x3 is not on the page it is available directly from me. My personal preference is the 400 for slurry generation for middle grit stones (nakado) and the 1200 for polishing stones. Now if you want an even finer slurry formed for polishers (awasedo), you can go to a tomonagura or a small piece of stone identical to the stone being used for sharpening / honing. The way that the Atoma plates are designed is particularly advantageous for the finer grits (eg the 1200) because of the lack of stiction so you can keep going without the degree of concern that you have with other diamond plates that will stick to the stone because of surface tension. The 1200 also acts as a very nice surface texturizer after you have flattened the stone with a 140 Atoma. The particles of stone cut out of the stone incorporated into the slurry are smaller as you go to finer and finer diamond plates.

The 1200 also works nicely for texturizing and shaping very thin fingerstone chips using natural stones like Hakka Tomae and uchigumori and generating mud slurries for other purposes.

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