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Your favorite sharpening tool

wet stones from ck2g
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Complete newbie - can I use "magic device"?

Thu May 03, 2012 3:48 pm

Is it blasphemy to get a "system" to help out?

I'm not a complete knife nut (nor a fantastic cook, but *soooo* much a gadget freak). However - I have to say both knife interest and cooking boosted after I got a few Tojiro DPs to replace my Victorinox (aka Forschner in the US?) knives. ...and Mark's posts on the Laser really gets the gadget freak in me going... If I only could sharpen it...

Anyways; I got my Victorinox-es done by a skilled sharpener here in Norway; good job, but since he is using an "emery" (again unsure of US terms, but fast rotating stone causing higher temperatures), I'm not sure how to continue with the better cured steel in the Tojiros. Also tempted to learn myself; if it is "doable" for a beginner. Not überhandy, but OK ;)

Most info I find on sharpening (both here on the forum, on Mark's sharpening video tips and most other places online) is about wet stones. That seems to be the only ("respectable") way to sharpen. However, a minority of users talk about "knife sharpening systems" that with more or less guiding will "automagically" get me a nice edge. The list is long, price range is wide etc, but my so far prioritized list would look like; Wicked Edge, Lansky, Edge Pro Apex, Spyderco Sharpmaker.

Anyone with experience with systems like this?
What are the main drawbacks?

As a complete beginner, I'm afraid if I buy wet stones, I'll spend so much time trying to get the angle right that I end up with a lot of destroyed knifes for hours of training.

Ballpark; how much training is needed to master (wet stone) sharpening to get results to at least Tojiro out-of-box sharpness?

Best regards,

Re: Complete newbie - can I use "magic device"?

Fri May 04, 2012 11:08 am

The 2 devices I would advice are the WEPS and the EP.

Pro's of a guided device:

1. You don't have to worry about holding a consistant angle. Especially the WEPS is foolproof.
2. Narrower stones are easier for recurves (if you have pocket knives with these)
3. Easier to test drive new products or stones since the rest is always the same
4. small learning curve


1. Initial investment is bigger.
2. Sharpening can take longer because of the narrower stones (WEPS is FAST though)
3. The WEPS needs some stone upgrades. At least get the ceramics since the diamond plates are too rough as a finisher?
4. Angle restrictions. the EP Apex goes down to 10°, the Pro model goes down to 0. The new WEPS goes down to 7° I believe

I do most of my edges on an Edge pro.

Re: Complete newbie - can I use "magic device"?

Fri May 04, 2012 12:54 pm

The pro you sent them to is unlikely to burn knife and blow the temper in the steel, as is your concern, because he is a professional and wouldn't last long ruining everyone's knives.

That said, there isn't a grinding wheel out there than can do justice to even the humble VG10. If he does polish it up like it should be, it will remove a lot of metal in the process.

Since you are a "gadget freak" I'd suggest getting the EP or WEPS.

Re: Complete newbie - can I use "magic device"?

Tue May 29, 2012 4:02 am

Michiel and burkecutlery,
thanks a lot for answers! (Sorry for doing a "hit-and-run post" - posted and never came back. But finally - and better late than never!)

I think I'm closing in on an EP, then - the Chosera kit from CNTG is tempting!! Next time I travel to the US, I guess :)

I'll probably come back and nag with more newbie questions when that time comes.
That said - finally got a ceramic rod (and a couple of new Mac's) - I'm doing a boatload more cooking than before I started "gadgeting out" on knives :)

Thanks for great tips and a good forum!


Re: Complete newbie - can I use "magic device"?

Fri Jun 08, 2012 7:44 pm


I have both systems an EdgePro Pro model, a WEPS system. For me the EdgePro is my goto system. I get much better results with it, compared to the WEPS

Re: Complete newbie - can I use "magic device"?

Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:10 am

@DWR - thanks. For me, it also "feels" a bit unnecessary/extravagant to get two of every stone (WEPS).
Next time in the US, I'll definitely get the EP from CKTG :)
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