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Cleaver, stones and holder questions

Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:23 am

Hello Mark,

I've found a lot of good info at cheftalk.com about your knife selection (and good things about your store) but I do have some questions for you.

I was looking at the CCK cleavers, I'm getting the small cleaver for vegetables but I need one for dealing with bone, in particular chicken and duck. Would you recommend the CCK Big Rhino or the bone splitter for that application? Should I consider a bone knife of some kind for dealing with that? I was considering getting a Victorianix flexible boning knife, but I'm not sure if it would be good for chicken and duck bones, that would be used for breasting and filleting fish I imagine.

I'm getting a set of carbon steel Tojiro Knives. Which Japanese water stones would you recommend purchasing? I was looking at a 1000 and 5000 grit Naniwa stones. Would I need any other stones? I do have some other knives at home in need of a good sharpening so I might need to start from scratch. What about stone holders? Is the over-the-sink stone holder sturdy, or would you recommend something else that goes over the counter?

Magnetic Knife Holders:
Can you stick a magnetic knife holder against the side of the fridge without screws? Will it stay there? I was hoping to put those cleavers and japanese knives against the side of my fridge.

Please let me know your thoughts, I am hoping to place an order this weekend.
Thank you,

Re: Cleaver, stones and holder questions

Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:42 am

Are you wanting a bone cleaver to bust through bones, or to debone? A bone cleaver is meant to bust through bones whereas a flexible boning knife is meant to cut through joints. Can't comment on whether the Big Rhino or Bone cleaver from CCK would be best, but I do know the bone cleaver will bust through bones well.....never seen the Big Rhino to compare though.

I love my Naniwa sink bridge, it's the only way I sharpen these days. 1000 and 5000 grit is a great place to start....but if you've got some knives in need of thinning or minor repairs something like a 500 grit might be beneficial. Just be aware a 500 grit waterstone will remove metal fast and should only be used if you know what you're doing or used very carefully.

Not sure about the fridge thing and a magnetic rack either....never tried, sorry.

Re: Cleaver, stones and holder questions

Fri Apr 26, 2013 10:25 am

On the knife holder against the fridge, my gut feeling is "bad idea" unfortunately. If the magnets are strong enough to hold the knives securely, there is a reasonable amount of force involved in removing the knife from the holder. That force would have to be borne by whatever you used to "stick" the holder to the fridge. That would also need to constantly hold the weight of the knives, though that would generally be a shear force (along the face of the fridge, rather than away from it), so it would be less of a concern.

The magnetic part is for the knives to the holder, not the holder to the fridge. You might be able to get away with something like a foam double-sided tape, but I personally wouldn't trust that with a few hundred dollars worth of knives with the potential to come crashing down and either damage the knives, or cause some serious injury.

Re: Cleaver, stones and holder questions

Fri Apr 26, 2013 4:59 pm

Hi Guys,

For the bone cleaver it'll be pretty mild work likely. Things like separating large quantities of drum sticks from wings, lopping off tips. Cutting off duck necks, maybe dealing with ribs occasionally. A CCK cleaver might be complete overkill, mainly I don't want to risk chipping the Gyuto I'm getting. What do you guys think of the Tojiro ITK Kiritsuke Gyuto 240mm? I'm eyeing it up as my first Japanese knife.

I'll scratch the idea of putting the cleavers against the fridge with a mag strip then. I'll come up some wall space to use somehow.

Re: Cleaver, stones and holder questions

Fri Apr 26, 2013 5:59 pm

I like the bone chopper from cck for bones.

The 1K 5K from chosera is actually what I started on. It is all you need.

You can't stick it on the fridge.

Re: Cleaver, stones and holder questions

Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:02 pm

Sink bridges are a great thing. Sharpening with water stones can get very messy. Having most of that mess in your sink makes clean-up much easier. I just use a plastic cutting board across my sink divider for a sink bridge and put my stone holder on it. Some of the guys have made their own with various materials. Rather you make one or buy one it will be well worth it.

Re: Cleaver, stones and holder questions

Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:05 am

As for me, I wouldn't go with a kiritsuke gyuto for my first knife. I would recommend a more average profile than a specialized kiritsuke style.
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