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Chu Negura Review

Sat May 19, 2012 6:58 pm

Location (City, State):Izmir, Turkey
Review:Natural Nagura is a MUST for a Natural Finish/Polishing Stone, like Ohira High Grade (approx. 9-10k grit) and Honyama (8-9k grit)natural stones. Don’t use synthetic nagura on natural stones; somehow it is not the same. I use it in a combination of circular and up-and-down motion to further smoothen the stone’s surface and also to create a slurry for my yanagi knives. Slurry makes the yanagi knife glide effortlessly over the stone, also helps in polishing action. Without slurry, yanagi knives tend to get stuck over the stone or do not glide well (which may be dangerous as you may end up having cuts in your fingers). As for double bevel knives, like a chef’s knife, I use nagura just to clean the surface, then wash it off so that narrow blade road grabs the stone, increasing stone’s feedback. However, some prefer washing off the slurry for all kind of knives; or they create slurry out of stone itself bu using a fine diamond stone. Try both ways, and you guys decide.
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