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Choseras work better than Super Stones?

Mon Dec 09, 2013 7:54 am

Hi Mark,

When I went on your site CKTG I felt like I was a little boy in a toy store lol.. so I ended up buying

Chosera 3 big set 1k, 2k, 5k
Naniwa sink bridge IZ-1111
Konosuke Fujiwara Blue #2 Kono Fuji Funyaki Blue + saya

My question is about the stones. I already have Norton combo set stones which are really great for starters, but I wanted to go to the next level in sharpening so I ended up buying Naniwa super stones 1K, and 5K all the way from Japan. Sadly I'm very disappointed in these stones, no matter how much I sharpen my knives they just don't do the job as the nortons do. I hope the Chosera's will.

Do you recommend any other stones..? I rather get a full stone not a combo one. And what are the differences between the super stones and the chosera. Also I see in your videos using Beston stones and what about Nubatama stones.

P.S I have Suehiro stone holder that I bought from japanese knives imports, total rip off !! should have bought it from you Sir.

Thank you very much

Chef Chris

Re: Choseras work better than Super Stones?

Mon Dec 09, 2013 8:02 am

Hi Chris,

I like the choseras better than the naniwa superstones, especially on the lower grits. The high grit supersones are actually pretty good and polish very well but the choseras are a big improvement on the low and middle grits.

I have been able to get very good results using kings. They do have drawbacks. They are muddy stones and dish quickly and they don't do as well on harder stainless steel knives but you're not going to get a quantum leap in results from them to other stones. I'm always telling people to use what you have and I would recommend getting a good quality low grit stone to supplement what you have. They do most of the grinding work and a good one will save you time and energy. The chosera 400 is an excellent choice or the Latte 400 would be my second choice in this grit range. You could even add a lower grit stone like the nubatama bamboo 150 which we use at the office all the time. It's a great rough stone and grinds fast.

Feel free to ask us some follow ups here and we'll be happy to help.

Re: Choseras work better than Super Stones?

Mon Dec 09, 2013 1:01 pm

Hi Mark,

Thank you for getting back so soon, I have the Norton combo stones.. 220 grit / 1000 grit and 4000 grit /8000 also I have a lapping stone.
Reason I bought the naniwa super stones is because my 4000 grit stone is completely gone, and as I said I was very disappointed in the naniwa super stone series.. no matter how much I tried to sharpen the knife on the 1000K super stone it did nothing, I felt like my 1000 grit stone was like a 12000.
Anyways do I need a chosera 400 since I have a norton 220...? I use japanese knives no western knives. If you recommend any other stone than the ones above would be much appreciated. Thank you once more

Chef Chris

Re: Choseras work better than Super Stones?

Mon Dec 09, 2013 1:48 pm

The chosera are much harder slower wearing and faster cutting than the super stones and do not load like them. They also don't polish like them but instead leave a more hazy polish like a natural stone.

The 400 is nice because its very slow wearing but can remove metal at a fairly quick rate. It's nice to use in conjunction with the other chosera stones. The 3k is a unique stone too, it yields a very sharp edge with a lot of bite and probably has the best feedback of all the chosera stones. Imo the 5k is too fine for most things but works well on single bevel knives where that extra sharpness is needed.

Re: Choseras work better than Super Stones?

Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:41 am

Welcome to the Forum!

I would certainly add the 150 Nubatama. I suspect you aren't getting things going because you have not defined the edge very precisely and a coarse stone is great for this. After the 150 you might add a 400. I like the 400 Nubatama Bamboo - it's a large stone and gets things setup very nice for your 1k. It's the low grits that define the edge. From 1k on up you are refining the edge. Once you get the 150 edge you may find - depending on the knife that you can go directly to the 1k in many instances. You can also optionally skip your 220.

I'm also not a fan of the lower grit superstones. The 10k and 12k are good superstones depending on your tastes in stones.


Re: Choseras work better than Super Stones?

Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:42 am

TO Jason B and Ken,

Thank you very much for your feedback, I will definitely get the chosera 400.

Chef Chris
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