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Chosera 400 vs Latte 400

Thu Jul 25, 2013 4:08 pm

So for the everyday run of the mill sharpening I use a chosera 400 and a Naniwa 2k "green brick". These two stones make a great combo and give me a edge that is perfectly balanced between toothy and polished.

The way most knives come to us starting them by hand would take too much time so bevels get set on a 2x72 120 grit belt and are then followed by the above combo.

While the chosera works and I am warming up to the brand I'm a stone junky and never satisfied with just one stone :D I must try them all!

So let's here it, tell me how the latte 400 compares to the 400 chosera. Wear rate, cutting speed, mud production.
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