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Re: Brunch

Fri Apr 11, 2014 2:01 pm

Melampus wrote:PANKO <> That's an interesting issue you're experiencing. Obviously, any hollandaise is going to break in direct heat, but if you're gratináis, the bread crumb should eat the butter and toast well. I can't imagine actually seeing sauce, broken or not, if it has a bread crumb crust. A glacage of folded hollandaise, mornay, & soft peak cream will glaze perfectly, but if you're using breadcrumb as a crust, it might be too much. I'm actually very interested in your issue.

My Hollandaise when whipped by hand will gratin without breadcrumbs. When mixed with a burr mixer it is too foamy. We over whip our bearnnaise to the consistency of a thin mayo. It works for that.

We thin is out a little more for the Oscars. 125 restaurants in chain can't get it wrong. Or something.
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