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Best Yanagiba under $500 and Gyuto under $400

Sun Nov 11, 2012 4:48 pm

Hello I was hoping to get some help selecting a 300mm yanagiba. Trying to spend under $500. I am open to recommendations not on my list as well. Price is a factor.

I am considering the following mostly as well as others:

Masamoto 300mm ks/kk ($300 - $360)
Watanabe 300mm white/blue steel ($415-$500)
Kejiro Doi 300mm white/blue steel ($430)

I am also looking for a Gyuto 210-240mm. It will be my main workhorse knife. Price under $400. Open to suggestions not on my list.

Watanabe blue steel 210/240mm ($320-$390)
Masamoto ks 240mm ($325)
Moritaka Damascus Gyuto 240mm ($360)

If you can provide me with some guidance I will greatly appreciate it, Thank you.

Re: Best Yanagiba under $500 and Gyuto under $400

Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:44 am

I'm of the belief that if a Doi is on the table, grab it.

As for the gyuto, you've got kind of a sampling of different beasts. The Watanabe is a "mighty" gyuto, the Masamoto is a "laser" and the Moritaka is kind of usually inbetween.

My vote goes to the Masamoto....I really like that knife. But the other two are no slouches either.
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