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Best Convex Edged Knives

Mon Apr 29, 2013 5:18 pm

I was wondering what the best convex ground knives are on the site. Also wondering what the thinnest knives behind the edge are.

Re: Best Convex Edged Knives

Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:58 pm

The thinner the knife, the less it needs convexing. Lasers aren't (usually) discernibly convexed, because they don't need to be.

As a rule, extremely thin knives are also thin "behind the edge." Typically, lasers are (usually) are among the thinnest "behind the edge" knives, because they're the thinnest knives. [Note: I'm bracketing "behind the edge" in quote marks because thinning behind the edge is just a multi-bevel with a wide, flat intermediate bevel between face and edge.]

Convexing is another form of multi-bevel. The benefits of a convex face grind will be negated somewhat by "thinning behind the edge." Convex edge grinds are durable considering how sharp you can get them, and vice versa; but they aren't a whole lot better than ordinary two-stage multi-bevels; and given the right knife, aren't a whole lot better than flat ground edge bevels.

Any reasonably thin knife can be made very thin behind the edge with a little work on the stones; and any decent knife can be made just damn near as thin as anything else with a lot of work on a sander. As long as the knife can be made thin enough to suit your needs, consider other aspects of the knife as more important. Think of that as a corollary to the general rule not to buy an expensive knife you can't keep sharp.

The best face and edge geometries for a given user and knife are highly contingent on the knife and user. In other words, don't get nuts about a particular set of characteristics unless you know why you want them.
There's no magic combination which will automatically be sharper.

In my own knife kit, the softer, tougher knives which are most susceptible to impact burring benefit most from double-bevels. The stronger, harder knives which better resist going out of true, do not.

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