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Bent Takeda knife tip

Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:00 pm

I bought a 240 Takeda Gyuto last year and it's the best knife I've ever had. I keep it on a magnetic bar along with two of my other favorite knives...so that nothing accidently happens to them.
So the other day we had a lot of friends over and I'm prepping food for the grill and I placed it right on the edge of my kitchen counter and a buddy's kid bumps it! I throw him back as I jump straight into the air. Nobody was hurt except my knife!! It fell tip first and now I have a good 45 degree bend in the tip that involves about 5mm of steel. Any recommendations on how to fix or who I can send it to to pay to have it fixed?
Thank you!

Re: Bent Takeda knife tip

Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:05 pm

RAM <> You have no idea how lucky you are it didn't crack. In your case, I'd peen it out on a reference plate.

Re: Bent Takeda knife tip

Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:56 am

Can we get a picture?

Most likely, the bent piece is shot. You'll have to grind it off and reshape the tip from the spine.

If you'd like, I'll fix it for free. You pay the cost of shipping here and shipping back and I'll regrind the tip. I'll TRY to bend the tip back with a brass hammer and wood anvil....but I doubt it'll work.

You can try the same method for bending the tip back and if it doesn't work either send it here to regrind the tip or do it yourself. It's not difficult to regrind the tip....but it's easier if you have a belt grinder and ceramic belts. :)

Re: Bent Takeda knife tip

Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:29 am

Adam, what a generous offer. I'd like to take you up on it but I'd like to pay you for your time as well as shipping of course. I only have an Edgepro which I got here and I'm definitely an amateur! ; )
My email address is stanmasek@hotmail.com if you could send me shipping info and how I can pay you.
Thank you so much!
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Re: Bent Takeda knife tip

Sun Aug 04, 2013 12:19 pm

STAN <> Luckily, that's not half as bad as I anticipated. Easy repair; Adam will knock that out quick!

Re: Bent Takeda knife tip

Mon Aug 05, 2013 7:35 am

Stan -

Email sent.

As I stated in the email.....no payment necessary for the work....please.
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