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Sun May 13, 2012 6:43 am

If this is inappropriate and gets removed I'll understand.
Does anyone have any tips/methods for sharpening the slicer blade on the Benriner mandolin?

Re: Benriner

Mon May 14, 2012 6:47 pm

It's no problem. :)

I wish I could find these for the store. I've looked a bit but can't locate the distributor. I haven't tried sharpening mine but it doesn't look too dificult.

Re: Benriner

Tue May 15, 2012 7:21 am

It seems that it would be easier to sharpen the blade while it is mounted in the frame. For the price you can't beat them. Especially if you only use them occasionally.

Re: Benriner

Wed May 16, 2012 5:17 am

I have two of these, the small blue one and the larger tan one. Just take the blade out and sharpening like you are sharpening a knife. The bevel is very pronounced on the blade, so just follow it and you can put a really nice edge on these things. In fact, the first thing I do when I get one is take the blade out and put a decent edge on it. I really performs well after that. PS, I really like these things as well.... I have a shun mandoline which is rarely used.... Too big and too unwieldy to clean. The Benriners I grab almost like they are knives. In other words, all the time.


Re: Benriner

Thu May 17, 2012 4:01 pm

Like Chester I've sharpened my blade. There are two screws that hold it in place. Not a bad idea to pull the blade on occasion just to get the food that get's stuck around the blade. It's a wide single bevel or at most a 90/10. Reminds me of a honesuki. Easy to sharpen, just awkward to hold since there is no handle and it's short but certainly doable.

Re: Benriner

Sat May 19, 2012 7:16 am

Thanks for the advice. I've been out of town for a few days and need to do a little sharpening of SOMETHING as I am going into withdrawl!LOL

Re: Benriner

Sun May 20, 2012 10:26 am

Tell us how it goes. I might take mine apart and take a shot at it. It looks easy. Straight blade with a single sided grind should be easy if you can grip it.

Re: Benriner

Tue May 22, 2012 1:48 pm

Do it Mark! You will be surprised by what this $30 dollar mandoline can do once it has a really sharp blade. Like I said, I use my Benriner far more than my $300 dollar Shun.
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