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Bark River Hankotsu to dissect leg of lamb

Sun Jul 28, 2013 2:39 pm

Bark River Hankotsu to dissect leg of lamb - Dhansak Masala

In this video I demonstrate the use of a knife I made at the 2013 Bark River Grind-In, with the help and assistance of the Bark River Crew. The knife is my take on a Japanese style knife called a Hankotsu, which I also show as a comparison in the beginning of the video.

I use the BR Hankotsu, which is a heavy knife with a sturdy point and a convex grind in front and a flat grind in back to quickly take apart a leg of lamb, removing the meat from the bones and also opening up the knee and hip joints.

The knife design works very nicely, easily allowing me to both open the joints and to cut very closely to the bone - both along it's length and for scraping motions to remove final bits of meat from the hip or pelvis area.

After removing the meat, I switch to a Japanese made thin cleaver to dice the removed meat and trim some additional fat and tough tissue to make bite sized chunks for stew meat.

The BR Hankotsu knife was a pleasure to use and showed no edge deterioration whatsoever during use including cutting and scraping operations. It was both extremely comfortable to hold and a highly functional design.

During the second part of the video which is a bit tedious, slicing the meat into bite sized bits, I begin to describe the recipe. Unfortunately the last few minutes were not recorded, but it is pretty straightforward to understand how the rest of the cubing of the meat went, so not a real loss. If the remainder of the recipe leaves you in suspense, just ask in the comments.

Re: Bark River Hankotsu to dissect leg of lamb

Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:15 pm

So the repeated adding of water to the spice mixture or paste just as it is about to burn further breaks down the ingredients and enhances the flavor (enhanced carmelization) So after sauteing the meat and cooking down the onions to a fraction of their initial volume, the rinsed and presoaked dal mixture is added, fresh water added and the dish is slowly simmered. Before serving it is topped off with thinly sliced Garlic separately sauteed in Ghee (clarified butter). Serve with Basmati rice dish., Indian pickles, Naan and the usual accompaniments.

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