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Re: Baby Addition.....

Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:20 am

victoon wrote:ok, beater would really be the wrong term. more like a M1A1, high tech, yet can shrug off incoming shoulder fired rockets with ease. I will treat it as a friend, not as, well, a girlfriend...

so what angle do you recommend? I need it to go through the smaller chicken and fish bones a couple of times a month without having develop a burning desire to sharpen it. btw, do you think a bester 1200 is good enough for M390 as a mid range?

if you don't think M390 can stand it at 15 degrees, I can just get a VG10 cleaver for that.

If you want one knife does all, you will have a unit excelling only in the worst case scenario i.e. cleaver work.

Take a M390 Gyuto and sharpen it to 22 degrees per side - then you can use it as a all rounder, at the price of functional loss at certain tasks.

The edge angle should match as closely as possible the major work load that the knife endures.

I am sure that in your "compact" range you can fit the bare minimum to suit all tasks.

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