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We encourage you to post your questions about kitchen knives here. We can give you help choosing a knife.
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Ask us for a recommendation! Here's how.

Fri Mar 22, 2013 10:26 am

We highly encourage our customers to ask product questions about knives here. To help you, we need a few questions answered so we can tailor a knife recommendation to your specific needs and requirements. When you ask about a knife please include as much as you can but at minimum answer these simple questions:

1)Pro or home cook?
2)What kind of knife do you want? (gyuto, santuko, etc)
3) What size knife do you want?
4)How much do you want to spend?
5) Do you prefer stainless or reactive carbon?
6)Do you prefer Western or Japanese handle?
7)What are your main knife/knives now?
8)Are your knife skills excellent, good, fair?
9)Are you a rocker, chopper or push cutter?
10)Do you know how to sharpen?

Please post your requests for a recommendation as a new topic and either I or other forum members will give you their opinion on which knife to buy.
Hopefully it will generate arguments that will entertain and inform you. :mrgreen:
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