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Artifex for home user?

Thu Dec 20, 2012 12:10 pm

I enjoy sharpening knives and am replacing my german well used knives and appreicate a good knife but also want to save some money. As well, my friends who are not knife nuts always ask for recommendations on kitchen knives and I am torn - being not terribly impressed with overpriced wusthof / zwilling, but the cost of many japanese knives is too much for the person who keeps knives in a drawer with utensils (I'm teaching them!), so I was happy to see your Artifex knives. Would you recommend them for a home user that doesn't do their own sharpening and may very well put it in the dishwasher or in a drawer with the whisks and potato mashers (!). Last time I sharpened someones knives I gifted them a cheap knife block because it pained me to see the (my) edge treated like that. Would you also then recommend artifex to someone that does sharpen knives but is not a chef like me?


Re: Artifex for home user?

Thu Dec 20, 2012 12:13 pm

Hi Jason,

Absolutely. We sell them the most to line cooks that want a good piece of steel at a reasonable price but we also sell lots of them to home users as well as knife nuts that gift one to their friends and family. I know I wouldn't want to send a Konosuke to one of my parents because they would throw it in the dishwasher and ruin it. The Artifex is good, cheap and pretty tough.

Re: Artifex for home user?

Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:23 pm

chefknivestogo wrote:...The Artifex is good, "cheap" and pretty tough...
I think the chosen word should have been "inexpensive". :P
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