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Any opinions on Haruyuki Tsuchime knives?

Sat Jul 14, 2012 8:50 pm

Has any one used or own HT knives? What are your impressions. I like the look. From the dark brown wood handle to the hammering on the steel to the damascus (real or applied...though in this price range I guess it's safe to assume...)

http://www.knifewear.com/knife-detail.a ... 0&family=3

Re: Any opinions on Haruyuki Tsuchime knives?

Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:51 pm

I haven't used/owned those knives, but there are many out there that look pretty similar! It's a popular style to have VG-10 in the core of the knife and then 16-32 layers of "damascus" on the outside. The damascus is basically softer stainless steels forged together, folded and then wrapped around the core. When the knife is ground, the core is exposed somewhat at the edge and the layers in the steel are visible when they are ground at an angle. Some get snippy when it's called Damascus when it should be called "Pattern Welded Steel", but most people understand that Damascus steel is generally referred to as a folded steel by most and most don't get picky about the origin of the steel, etc. The patterning is real and not just etched into the steel. The hammer marks help to show that it's forged if that matters to you. It may also help with food release since it will make that area have less friction.

As for the handles, they look like Dymondwood/Pakkawood, which is basically birch or beech (can't remember, but it's a soft, light colored wood), and compressed with heat, pressure, dyes and acrylics so that the material will become the color of the dyes and the layers are laminated. It's a soft, easy to sand/finish/polish material that holds up in a kitchen environment. Some places call it "Plywood" because it's layered up, but it's not like normal building plywood!

Here are two that are similar from CKTG:

Re: Any opinions on Haruyuki Tsuchime knives?

Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:06 am

You mean the handle couldn't be real mahogany in a sub-$200 knife?? :) Still love the look as opposed to the generic black pakka wood w/ indescript smooth primary grinds. Seems like almost ever knife maker has one (e.g. Tojiro, Konosuke, etc.).

Looks like a good "entry-level" JP knife brand. With the hammer marks to make it look less generic and more "hi-end".

Thanks for the links. Will check them out. Just wondering if any one's owned the knives from HT. Not that there should be any issues. It's just not one of the more talked about names.

Re: Any opinions on Haruyuki Tsuchime knives?

Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:15 am

I'm actually already looking at ST knives. And looking at Kikuichi...though didn't notice the one you posted...which is a bit more than I was planning to spend on one knife. But does have the same look as the HT. But, at almost $280 I might as well go one step further and buy a Takeda 240mm gyuto ($330).

I'd like to keep it under $200 per knife for now. Work on my knife sharpening skills. Then later add a nicer gyuto or deba...higher HRC rating (e.g. 64+)...etc.

Re: Any opinions on Haruyuki Tsuchime knives?

Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:53 am

Under $200, I would get a customized Artifex from CKTG. The AEB-L steel is nicer than the Vg-10 IMHO. It's easier to sharpen, smaller grain structure, takes a wicked edge easily, holds it better, etc. The AEB-L on the Artifex's is harder than the VG-10 and it works very nicely cutting thru food. It is one of the few Gyuto's that I own that I can cut onions and stuff without wedging or using my Nakiri's. I have a couple Artifex's that I use when I want to cut something and not worry about wiping down my carbon blades. For an extry level knife, it's hard to beat. The blade isn't as fancy as the VG-10 Damascus stuff, but you get better performance out out if by far.

This is an Artifex 210mm that I did for Mark at CKTG. It has a Stabilized/Dyed Maple Burl handle, which is a definite step up from Pakkawood!!
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