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Any chance of getting the 240mm Artifex in 52100?

Tue Aug 20, 2013 3:24 pm

I love my 240mm Artifex. IMO it's perfect in three ways:

- Perfect profile, narrow and nimble with a thin pointy tip, long flat section for push cutting without sacrificing enough belly to chop comfortably. It doesn't leave uncut pieces stuck together (too much belly), or come to a dead halt if you're not carefully push cutting parallel to the board (too flat). Ideal length too.

- Perfect handle, even though this type is thought of as a 'budget' handle, IMO it's perfectly balanced. Full bosters add too much weight and make the balance too neutral for my taste. I prefer a slightly blade heavy knife that will do some of the work, but not so blade heavy that I'm fighting against it, like a wa-handle. Also, I just don't like how wa-handles feel, like they're not a part of the knife and need to be treated more delicately. There's just something good about holding a knife with a full tang.

- Perfect thickness, I don't like flexible anorexic knives with no weight behind the blade (had a Konosuke, hated it). Terrific distal taper. Admittedly too thick behind the edge OOTB, but that's actually a positive. It gives you enough steel to put a decent convex behind the edge, reducing stiction and giving you performance that would cost 5x to get OOTB from a custom maker. I can't fix a bad heat treat, change a knife's profile, or rehandle it on my own. I can however convex the blade road, and given the choice, I prefer to put in the work myself than to pay the price.

There's only one problem with it - it's not carbon :( Just wondering what the chances are that we'll get a 52100 version of the 240mm Artifex?

Re: Any chance of getting the 240mm Artifex in 52100?

Sun Nov 03, 2013 4:43 pm

Yeah, that 52100 steel sounds like it is very nice.

Re: Any chance of getting the 240mm Artifex in 52100?

Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:10 pm

There's a 210mm.


And a 250mm Sab profile


Surely one of those is worth a go.
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