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AEB-l VS Ginsanko (Ginsan 3)

Mon May 27, 2013 6:10 pm

OK I have been using AEB-l for awhile now and love it. I have tried some of the reactive metals (white 2, super blue,and what ever CCK is) I just really like the low maintenance and the smooth edge of AEB-l. So I know Ginsanko is like AEB-l but is there anybody out there that can really give a different perspective of the two. If there is a real considerable difference between the two?

Re: AEB-l VS Ginsanko (Ginsan 3)

Mon May 27, 2013 11:40 pm

In theory, yes there is a difference in the steels. In practical use, you will most likely not notice much if any difference! Both are very fine grained stainless steels that are easily sharpened and polished up to as fine of an edge as you will need and will hold the edge for a good period of time. I have a friend who has some knives in Ginsanko/G3 and he loves them!

Re: AEB-l VS Ginsanko (Ginsan 3)

Tue May 28, 2013 6:58 am

Ginsanko is not as easy to sharpen and does not take as keen of an edge.

In practical use though, as Tim said, you may or may not notice a difference.
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