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Addition to my shapton pro set.

Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:57 pm

I just bought from you the 2pc Shapton pro 1K & 5K set. I use them for sharpening wood chisels and planes, they are amazingly hard, I wish I bought these years ago. I have used oil stones in the past and I was using my oils stones for edges that need more work before going to the 1K water stone. My problem is the courser oil stones are so soft and they dish creating slight curve on my chisel and plane blades. What should I use prior to my 1K water stone for faster material removal, I was thinking something like 320. I was also interested in keeping the cost down.

Also how often will I need to flatten my Shapton pro water stones?


Re: Addition to my shapton pro set.

Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:01 pm

Hi Bradley,

Yes the 320 is a popular choice. It will cut fast and save you time.

Flattening routines vary from sharpener to sharpener. I tend to flatten when I see evidence of my stones dishing while sharpening. My guess is I flatten every other time I use them. Some people flatten every single time they sharpen and others do it less. In general I then more is better since they start to dish as soon as you start sharpening. If you do it often you won't have to do it for as long either.

Re: Addition to my shapton pro set.

Wed Jan 02, 2013 11:32 pm

A bit off topic but be SURE to clean off your knives, chisels, etc after using them on an oil stone before preceding to a waterstone as oil on waterstones will RUIN them.

Shapton Pro stones are some of the slowest dishing stones around.

You should have a diamond plate to keep these stones flat. Atoma 140 is the 'gold standard', followed by the DMT XXC for flattening. Atomas have the least amount of stiction for stone flattening. Drawing a grid with a pencil on the stone and lapping it with a diamond plate will show you your wear pattern and when you have lapped it enough all of the pencil marks will have been abraded off of the stone. Your wear pattern for chisels and plane blades will be different than when sharpening knives.

Which stone will depend on the steel. If the pro series is working well for you the 320 Pro is an excellent choice.

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