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Adding to my progression.

Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:34 am

Hi Mark,

I'm looking to add some more grits to my sharpening lineup and I've heard good things about the Shapton stones. I have a few questions that I hope you could help me with. First, what is the difference between the Shapton Pro and Shapton Glass stones?

Second, I have been using the ST-04 King stones 220, 800, 6000 and have been finishing on the 10,000 Imanishi stone I bought from you. I have noticed that I am having a hard time removing the scratch lines from the 220 step, does that mean I need to use more steps before the 800? I've also noticed that I spend a lot of time on the 6000 stone, I think because of the jump from 800 to 6000. What do you think I should add? I'm pretty sure I want to add the 16000 and 30000 but I'm conflicted on what other ones to add. Can I get away with just a 3000 between the 800 and 6000 or should I do 2000 and 4000? Also, do you think I need a 500 between the 220 and 800?

Lastly, I'm looking for stones that cut fast and hopefully last/stay flat longer than the King. If you have any thoughts on how the Shapton will compare or if you have any other recommendations I'm open to them.

Thanks in advance,


Re: Adding to my progression.

Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:52 am

Hi Brian,

To produce mirror edges it's best to use a tighter progression than what you're currently doing.

This is especially true on the lower end of the grit range since the scratches produced on the lower grit stones are much bigger and they are very hard to get out if you jump up quickly to finishing stones like you're doing now.

I think you should try a variety of stones just for fun and your own education. I would also suggest you skip the 30K shapton and use strops since they're way cheaper.

So here is my suggestion to make your job easier using what you have and adding to it.

220 King
400 Latte
800 King
2K Green Brick
6K King
10K Imanishi
16K Shapton Glass
Boron Carbide on leather or balsa
Chromium Oxide on leather
Horse Butt strop unloaded

The latte and the green brick are the most important additions to this list if you want to add just a couple items.

Re: Adding to my progression.

Tue Aug 20, 2013 7:38 am

Based on what I was told when they came out....the difference between the Pro and Glass stones is in the formulation they use. The Glass stones were made to be able to cut the new high wear resistant steels that are/were emerging.....specifically A2 as I recall. The Glass stones are softer, therefore releasing grit more freely to cut through the harder steels.

I've not used the King stones in a long time....but:

You should be having much trouble jumping from 220 to 800 grit....again, I don't know what the 220 King is like though. But, the 800 should grind pretty fast.

Perhaps adding a 500 grit stone would be beneficial though.

Now, jumping from 800 to 6,000 is kind of a big jump....especially if you're wanting to remove all of the 800 grit scratches. Some people make this jump, but don't want to remove all the scratches leaving a rather toothy edge.

If you want a really highly polished edge, add a 3,000 grit or so in there.

You mention a 30,000 grit stone....I'm ignoring that and assuming you meant 3,000 as 30,000 grit stone is...well, silly.

Now, that's using what you currently have.

Ha....I don't differ much from what Mark said. :) (I try not to read other replies first)

Now, if you just want to replace what you have with a good set of low wearing stones, get a combo of Shapton Pro's:




Re: Adding to my progression.

Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:03 pm

+1 to Mark's recommendation (except for the 16K which is excessive, IMO) . . . I don't know a bunch about the king stones, but assuming that the grit progression will polish out the previous grit scratches, adding the Latte and Green brick would be about perfect for your existing line up.

I think you would be surprised by the the results from stropping. In fact you may decide to forgo the Imanishi after you see the type of edge you get from the 6K plus stropping.

The finishing stones is a personal preference and depends on what you want to accomplish. I think most folks would say that anything past something around a 5K polish is simply for fun not functionality. However, the same folks would also likely recommend some stropping element to your finishing.

Like I said, it is a personal preference and frankly speaking I have some extremely high-grit stones because I wanted to learn and experience what they can do. Hey if you want it get the 16K, it will be fun to understand what it will do, I mean, think about it . . . for $130 it is pretty reasonable to have some fun. Heck, dinner and a movie can be even more, so why not give it a whirl? But don't get it before the Latte and Green Brick.
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