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3 pettys and a review on 2!

Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:38 pm

Got out to the shop again finally on a couple of warmer days. I redid my brother and his wife's Hattori 150mm Petty with Curly Mango to match up with the Santoku I just did for them. Fujiwara Carbon 150mm Petty got Stabilized Buckeye Burl and Mosaics and the Dojo 135mm Petty was converted to a Wa handle of Claro Walnut and Maple Burl.


I got to use the Fujiwara and Dojo yesterday. First up was sweet potatoes. The Dojo did better than the Fujiwara; the stiffer blade had less flex going through the bigger potatoes. Once I got the potatoes cut into 3/4" thick rings, the tip of the Fujiwara was a bit thinner and shorter and worked slightly better slicing the rings into wedges, but overall, the Dojo slightly out cut the Fujiwara when using different parts of the blade. Next up was a ham. I decided to try to debone the ham so I could slice it easier. The Dojo actually worked well to debone the cooked ham; the tip is a bit more rounded and seemed easier to follow the bone. The Fujiwara cut well, but the tip was much pointier and seemed to want to poke into the bone. Once I got the bone out of the meat, I went to the slicing tasks. Here the Fujiwara excelled! I had a few smaller chunks of meat (3-5" chunks) and the Fujiwara did an excellent job slicing those. The Dojo did OK, but it felt different and didn't cut as smoothly. I went on to my medium chunks of ham that were around 7" long, and the Fujiwara did well on those, going thru 95% of the chunk in 1 slice (this is with the factory edge only) and only needed to re cut in a small corner. After using the petty as a small slicer, I am going to make up a 210mm slicer now for the smaller slicing tasks like this. The Dojo did a bit better trimming the fat off, possibly due to the blade having a touch more curve, especially at the tip.

For for trimming meats and light deboning, and potatoes, the Dojo won. For slicing and more delicate work, the Fujiwara won. The Hattori wasn't used because it's getting ready to go back to my brother and his wife.

Re: 3 pettys and a review on 2!

Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:41 am

Taz -> Them sure is some purtty cuttin sticks you have there. Seriously though, beautiful job on those handles, they look fantastic!

Re: 3 pettys and a review on 2!

Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:50 am

Thanks Jeff! The Curly Mango was supposed to go back tomorrow, but we are getting up to 2' of snow starting tomorrow, so it will be here a bit longer, so I may play with it a bit now that I have more time to refinish the handle and re sharpen it if needed!

Played with some carrots today, Fuji beat out the Dojo, especially at the tip. But the Dojo was stiffer and I felt the Fujiwara flex a few times. I guess I will be keeping both of these, LOL! They each have their own niche in terms of cutting tasks.
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