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>> 210 Carter Funayuki & DT ITK <<

Sat May 19, 2012 9:38 am


Does anyone here own a new 210mm Murray Carter Funayuki or 210mm Devin Thomas ITK Wa-Gyuto? I have only pictures to work off of, but no dimensions are seemingly available.

All I really need to know is chin to spine height and overall weight. Assuming you have either of these knives, would you be so kind as to measure for me, please?

Re: >> 210 Carter Funayuki & DT ITK <<

Sat May 19, 2012 6:18 pm

Yes, but every Carter is different, so measurements of one knife are of no value to you. If you want measurements, you need measurements of the knife you are thinking about buying.
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Re: >> 210 Carter Funayuki & DT ITK <<

Sun May 20, 2012 10:07 am

WICKED <> I am aware, as they are handmade knives, there will be some variance in dimension from knife to knife, but I know Mr. Thomas uses standard patterns, and makes the knives in batches allowing him to offer knives at a lower price than full customs. I know, as well, that Mr. Carter is a bit more freestyle with his production. But as both of these designs, Carter’s Funayuki & DT's ITK Wa-Gyuto, are renowned, respected, lauded, & praised for their profiles, I have to believe that if receive a few answers to my original question; I will be able to generate a median chin to spine dimension. I’m simply deducing that if as many people feel the way they do about both these designs there must be some continuity in their profiles. Obviously, I could be wrong, but I don’t reckon so.

My dilemma is quite simple. I don’t drop $450, $550, $695 on a single knife due to other peoples’ opinions. Unfortunately for me, I have over two decades of food service experience that has developed specific dimensional tastes. I have been extremely deliberate in my JK purchases, and overall I’m quite pleased with my decisions. I have learned from each acquisition, my style has morphed with each new blade, and I recognize a void that need be filled quickly. I need to acquire a 205-215mm honyaki stainless/semi-stainless or stainless-clad Wa-Gyuto with a chin to spine height of 47-49mm. Obviously steel quality, belly profile, fit/finish, handle are all factors, but I trust all those factors will be satisfied with any higher end JK purchase. I have spent many hours researching & asking questions to try to find a production knife to fit this requisite, and the aforementioned knives seemingly are it… with the exception of the Tanaka Sekiso Damascus of which I really dislike Tanaka's handles (at least the handle that came on my Tanaka Kurouchi Deba.) Two out of three are out-of-stock at CKTG, and the dimensions on the Carter have not been generated. Thus my post…

The Asai PM Damascus 210 Gyuto seems to be an option, as well. It is listed as “1.85” wide” so I’ll convert to 46.99mm.

Regarding the first word of your reply, “Yes,” I have to assume that is an answer to my question. Awesome! Thank you!! Why the suspense.?! Do you have both or just one, and what is/are the dimension(s)?

Regarding your last sentence, “Whatever the measurements are, the Carters are fantastic…” Rest assured, if I cut with any of these knives and the chin to spine height was outside of that 47-49mm window, I would not find the ergonomics to be “fantastic.”

Re: >> 210 Carter Funayuki & DT ITK <<

Sun May 20, 2012 10:13 am

Murray has wide variation in size and shape.

Devin's are more uniform and should be almost identical to the Suisin Honyaki Inox that you didn't care for.

I'll let you know when I get some more Carter customs done and I'll be happy do give you the dimensions in all directions on them when I have them in hand.

Murray usually has some on his site so if you have interest in a particular one let me know and I would be happy to buy it and customize it for you.

Re: >> 210 Carter Funayuki & DT ITK <<

Sun May 20, 2012 10:43 am

As Mark points out, Carter's knives vary greatly, not only in width, but in length.
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Re: >> 210 Carter Funayuki & DT ITK <<

Sun May 20, 2012 1:43 pm

MARK <> Thank you, sir. I would have never guessed DT's were close to Suisins in profile. :( SO disappointing. :cry: And I was so hoping they weren't that short.

As for the Carters, straight from Oregon is custom enough. ;) Any options would bring something already out of budget to something out of the stratosphere. Like one of my other posts states; the Funayuki you have right now with Isaiah's handle @$695 is just too custom for me. Straight from Murray w/o that handle it had to have been offered $250 cheaper, and at that price point it would be affordable.

WICKED <> Thank you. Im aware knives are made in different lengths... and widths. My efforts were to create a statistical mean for spine to heel height on two knives. The Carter 210mm Wa-Funayuki & the DT 210mm Wa-Gyuto. I'd love to hear how many millimeters reach from the Funayuki's chin to its spine. Then I'll have one data point.

Prior to this thread, I had reached out to Mr. Carter regarding this question: profiles and heights. Thank you for the suggestion, and I have since heard back from him. We'll see what he can do...
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Re: >> 210 Carter Funayuki & DT ITK <<

Sun May 20, 2012 1:51 pm

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Re: >> 210 Carter Funayuki & DT ITK <<

Sun May 20, 2012 1:56 pm

WICKED <> My interests in the data are to explicit to try to explain. Thank you for your helping efforts.

Re: >> 210 Carter Funayuki & DT ITK <<

Thu May 31, 2012 9:00 am

MARK/WICKED <> I spoke with Mr. Carter's assistant, Jason, and then directly with Mr. Carter regarding a custom fabrication. I explained I wanted to purchase a Stainless Fukugo-zai Funayuki in a 200mm - 215mm length (allowing him artistic freedom), and although I have a preference, I could really care less about the aesthetics of handle/ferrule color as my main interest in his knives is his metallurgical ability. I explained I am interested in a chin to spine height in the range of 47mm - 49mm, and he, very respectfully, declined my order. He explained he is on-the-fence of discontinuing all custom orders as it slows his "groove" in production too much. He went on to explain, that from a business standpoint, if you look at the ratio of customers that were disappointed from a custom fabrication order due to a mm here or an angle there, and juxtapose that with the ratio of customers that were unhappy from a straight website purchase... it just makes no sense to produce custom blades anymore as everyone who purchases straight from the site is overjoyed while custom work has too many intangible variables. Can't argue with that logic, but g-d damn is it disappointing :oops: :evil: :oops: ...

So I'm S.O.L. until whenever he produces more blades on his site that I could then request dimensions on. I'm bent on trying one of his blades, but I've been trying to fill a void in my kit for awhile now, and damn this is :? ...

But now I see Konosuke is accepting custom orders, Mark. :shock: Let's talk about a HD210 Funayuki with a chin to spine height of 48mm, and a Rosewood Handle/Ebony Ferrule (135mm-140mm from where machi meets ferrule : to bottom of handle). I would also be interested in knowing what premium, Silver-3 & a blond ferrule w/blond handle would fetch. I still want to wait for a Carter, but this might be the more prudent decision depending on cost, time of production, & if Kosuke will even make it.

Re: >> 210 Carter Funayuki & DT ITK <<

Thu May 31, 2012 1:37 pm

Hi Joseph,

You know I've been telling all my custom makers this for a while now. It's a much better business model to make a line of knives and produce lots of them like Takeda does rather than try to do custom orders. Devin and some of the other guys spend half their time on the phone talking to customers and what they get is grief.

I'll get a quote for you on the knife from Konouske. Send me an email and try and narrow it down to what you want exactly and I'll get a price for you.
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