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Re: 1k stone rec.

Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:04 am

kalaeb wrote:
MowgFace wrote:
My preferred stones are from elsewhere so I will refrain from comment. PM me if you would like to talk more.

Dont refrain, please, they play that sh!t on the other site...I think we a more mature than that.. everyone can have a different opinion, adding more to the pot only strengthens the opinions. I have no problem saying I really like Geshin stones, but I am open to others.

I think youre right Kalaeb.

Beston 500
King 800(Gesshin 1200)
Gesshin 2000
Gesshin 5000
JNS Aoto

Beston 500-

Very good coarse stone. There are others I am interested in, but while my Beston has still got life I will not upgrade. There is no need to. This stone was the biggest suprise for me. I began with only a 1000 (Red Brick). My biggest improvement was not when I got my fine stone, but when I got the Beston 500.

Raise a slurry by sharpening or with a diamond plate/slurry plate and you can begin your kasumi finish (with light pressure).

The King 800 I use for Kasumi finishes. Like I said, it's kasumi finish is hard to surpass. For 30 bucks, not bad. I will soon upgrade to a Gesshin 1200 which is a soft muddy stone and will have a very even smooth kasumi finish. But leaves a more refined edge (800:1200). I was able to try out the Gesshin 1200 when visiting the store.

The Gesshin 2000, hard, very fast cutting. Cuts all steel types. Just expensive. I recommended the Bester 1200, because if I hadn't invested in a Gesshin 2000, I would have bought it.

Gesshin 5000/JNS Aoto/Ice Bear 6000

These are my finishing stones. The first two are fast cutting and splash and go. However, I soak them while I'm using my middle grit stone.

Gesshin leaves a Bright mirror, the Aoto a bit hazy not as refined. However both are harder stones and have less smooth finishes. More for bevel work not wide bevel kasumi. JNS Aoto has a more complex edge feel. It's a mix of 3000/5000 grit (from JNS website.)

I will soon get a Gesshin Jinzo Aoto for my final kasumi finish (not ready for naturals), When i was able to try this stone it was a combination of a GREAT feel and amazingly even finish.

The Ice bear 6000 is a pleasant stone. Not too fast, but in my experience not too slow. Its my softest finishing stone so it serves its purpose.

Maybe a Nubatama pass around would liken me to try them. With the premium price, its hard to shell out the cash without being able to try them first.

Stones on my to try list:
Shapton Pro 320/2000
Nubatama stones
Suehiro Rika 5000
Suehiro Shiramine 6000
Suehiro Kouga 3000


Re: 1k stone rec.

Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:25 am

Geshin 5 is my finishing stone as well. A few months back he (JB) did a group by on some diamond(???) stones. I played with one when I visited a while back,, if he ever stocks those I will jump on them. I am also looking to get the "Latte" and a Shap Pro 15 for razors.

For 1k I am using a Shap Glass and I enjoy it, reasonable fast cutting, but I may have to try some of the others listed here.

Re: 1k stone rec.

Mon Feb 24, 2014 3:13 am

cedarhouse wrote:....Jeff, the Shapton Pros are very much in my sights. I am leaning away from them for the 1k, but I know I am going to need to give them a try somewhere in my progression...curiosity has got the best of me. In fact, have you used the coarse stones or the fine stones? Thoughts?

I have used the 320, 1k and 2k.
The 320 cuts very fast, dishes slow for this range but it will need more frequent flatting than higher grit stones, to be expected. Like this stone for all steels.
The 1k is hard but has a good feel. Dishes very slow. Can only compare to the Nubatama 1k gold and Arashiyama 1k. Liked the Arashiyama a lot. The Arashiyama was softer, had a good feel, produced more mud and dished faster. I slightly preferred the Pro because I liked the hardness. The Nubatama 1k gold, was not at all impressed with this stone at all. Hated the feed back, was porous and it soaked up buckets of water and took a week to dry out. Was irritating to use. I replaced it with the Pro because I already had the 320 and 2k and liked them both.
The Pro 2k I think is a great all around stone in that grit. It blows the Green Brick out of the water to me. If I were to recommend one stone from the Pro line it would be this one.

Have a GS 4k and plan to replace it with the Pro 5k when it wears out.

Just my experiences with these stones and we know how personal preference figures in.

Re: 1k stone rec.

Mon Feb 24, 2014 3:50 am

Thanks all for the feedback. I just spoke with Ken and ordered the Nubatama 1k speckled extra extra hard. Since part of this exercise is an effort to learn more about what stones can do and are out there, Ken pointed out that a very hard stone would contrast well with the softer Kings and Naniwa SS I currently use.

I appreciate all the feedback, you will likely hear from me again when it is time to retire the rest of the lineup.
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