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150 mm stainless petty

Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:01 pm

I am about to order a 150 mm stainless petty. Currently I doubt between the Konosuke HH and the Richmond Laser. Which would you choose one and why?

Are there any other great stainless laser-like petties in this price class? It would be nice if they had more belly than the Konosuke and the Richmond: I like to rock chop herbs.


Re: 150 mm stainless petty

Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:21 pm

Laser because it's AEB-L. A knife like this I want to get really sharp and that's one attribute where AEB-L really excels.

Not that the HH doesn't take a nice edge...but AEB-L is the king of stainless sharpness in my book.

Re: 150 mm stainless petty

Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:24 pm

I tried rock chop motion with 2 of my 150mm pettys. It didn't work that great with either when my hand was above the board; my knuckles hit the board when the blade was around 2/3 the way down; the heel never touched the board. I tried my Honesuki and it worked much better even though the edge was flatter. The blade shape didn't seem to matter all that much to me since my knuckles hit constantly, even the Honesuki with the dropped heel worked well with the motion, even though the edge is fairly flat.

Are you using the petty with your hand off of the board, like off to the side so your knuckles won't hit or using a different grip?

I would look for a taller but thin petty, not sure what will fit that bill though.
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